A Heart of Flesh
A Heart of Flesh
By La Vonne Neff

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In 1890 you could pick up gold from the main streets of New York City. At least that’s what someone told Harris and Sarah Cohen, and they believed it. Wouldn’t anything be better than their obscure Russian village, where the soil was hard and the people cruel, where just being a Jew was reason enough to be taunted, persecuted, cheated?

Harris and Sarah Cohen packed their belongings and moved to the Promised Land. But the Promised Land turned out to have air murky with factory soot, garbage in the ditches, and apartments that smelled like bacon grease.

Into this atmosphere of broken dreams Rebecca Cohen was born. She was kicked in the head by her father’s heavy boot and hitched to a plow like an animal by her brothers—it didn’t take her long to realize that women were not worth much.

To escape, Rebecca married while still a teen-ager; then deserted her husband in search of independence and dignity. As a young uneducated woman in Philadelphia, Rebecca became a street woman, only to find that kind of life as empty as everything else she had known.

 A Heart of Flesh tells of God’s loving kindness. It shows how He gently takes a human being right where she is and step by step lifts her out of the mire of self-degradation and makes her His very own daughter. It’s the true story of a conversion and the God who made it all possible.