Mr. Creator's Borrowed Brown Hands
Mr. Creator's Borrowed Brown Hands
By Yvonne Davy

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“God loves the colored roses just as much as He loves the white ones.” 

Born a slave and orphaned before his first birthday, George was a sickly child who was deprived of an education because of the color of his skin. But nothing would deter George Washington Carver from asking questions and nothing could keep him from using his brilliant mind to discover the answers. Motivated by the desire to help his people, George had no idea how God would use his inquisitive mind to serve all of humanity.

He has been called Carver, a great American; Carver, the Plant Doctor; Carver, the Wizard of Tuskegee. And indeed he was all these, for God used his strong brown hands with their slender, supple fingers to massage away pain from cramped muscles or legs crippled from polio, and to unlock the secrets stored in such plants as the sweet potato and the peanut.

Mr. Creator’s Borrowed Brown Hands is an inspiring story that shows how a young man overcame tremendous obstacles and succeeded beyond his wildest boyhood dreams because he was willing to follow God’s plan for his life.