Abandoned In Collegedale
Abandoned In Collegedale
By Helen Godfrey Pyke

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 “You can count on me!” Graydon’s father had said. But, one by one, Graydon’s father, his mother, his lifelong friend, and even his fiancée find reasons to abandon their faith. Baffled by the unpredictability, Graydon came to realize the blunt truth: God was the only one he could count on. 

The characters in the fragile and tangled world that is college life compel us to look at the ultimate reality: the internal spiritual conflict. Can Graydon avoid the self-pity, self-indulgence, self-absorption, and self-righteousness of the family and friends dearest to him? 

Graydon’s story forces us to examine our own commitment, integrity, and obedience to God.