An Angel Rides With Me and Other Miracle Stories
An Angel Rides With Me and Other Miracle Stories
By Bradley Booth

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The truck was careening downhill faster than was safe on any road—but especially on these mountain logging roads. Ben was nearing the bottom of the hill where the road turned sharply along a 300-foot precipice. He knew it was going to be impossible to make the turn. “Help me, Lord!” he began shouting. “Stop this truck, or I’m a dead man!” And still the truck rumbled on out of control...

“An Angel Rides With Me” is just one of the many stories found in this book. Once again, Bradley Booth has put an amazing collection of miracle stories from around the world into a book you won’t be able to put down. These stories will also strengthen your faith in a heavenly Father who gets involved in His children’s lives.

Let this book be a bright spot in your day. When you share it with friends and family (and you will be sharing it after reading it), they will exclaim “Wow!” and “Amen!” as they witness God’s faithfulness to His own.