Bring Back the Glory
Bring Back the Glory
By Randy Maxwell

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God is up to something!

All over the world, believers are beginning to cry out to God for revival--for a return of His glory into their lives, churches, and communities. Are you among them? Is the latter rain about to fall?

Bring Back the Glory is author Randy Maxwell's call to the church he loves to seek and possess the revival of true godliness we so desperately need. With passion and humility, Randy takes the reader on a prayerful journey of self-discovery that is painful and thrilling at the same time. Through gripping illustrations and practical straight talk, the author helps us to understand the following:

  • The seven spiritual indicators that revival is needed.
  • The role of repentance and revival.
  • Prevailing prayer and waiting on God.
  • The greatest evidence is that revival is taking place.