Camping with the J.M.V's
Camping with the J.M.V's
By Arthur W. Spalding

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The Junior Missionary Volunteer Law is for me to—

Keep the Morning Watch,

Do my honest part,

Care for my body,

Keep a level eye,

Be courteous and obedient,

Walk softly in the sanctuary,

Keep a song in my heart, and

Go on God’s errands. 

What is the J.M.V. Summer Camp for? To have a good time? Yes; but that’s not all. It’s to have a good time going to school. For the summer camp is not merely an outing; it is a school—a school for character building. 

In this book, Arthur W. Spalding tells of some of the experiences within the Junior Missionary Volunteers camp, leaving you to judge for yourself if it is worthwhile.