Changed Too
Changed Too
By Various Authors

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•    You think you have it bad? Think again!
•    Who is God really, and what does He want from me?
•    Is Change really possible?
•    Do you feel yourself at a crossroads and don’t know where to go?
Life can get messy.  There aren’t always easy answers.  Are you there? Then Changed Too is exactly what you’re looking for.  It tells stories of real people, in real trouble, who cried out to a real God for answers.  Eleven people share their own personal struggles and challenges, their doubts and disasters, and the faith that grew out of these tough experiences.  They have been where you are.  They’ve done what you’ve don.  And after meeting Jesus, their lives were changed forever.  Read their stories and see why it makes so much sense to give Jesus a chance.

“What you have in your hands is not just another book, for as you’re reading it you’ll often see your own life being displayed right in front of your eyes; it’ll be like reading your own story! So, go ahead and be challenged by the awesome love of God and be changed too!” – James Black Sr., Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, North American Division

“What a joy it is to see lives changed by the power of God; I can just imagine the joy in the heavenly courts over these precious lives.  I hope and pray that these stories will have a transforming effect in your own life, for in the final analysis, each one of us needs a spiritual transformation.  The reading of this book could be the first step.” – R. Ernest Castillo, Vice President for Ethnic Ministries, North American Division