Flee My Father's House
Flee My Father's House
By Kay D. Rizzo

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Chloe rocked in agony as her father’s words echoed in her head. Her stomach lurched at the thought of marrying a man thirty years her senior. Yet when Pa laid down the law, it was final.

Chloe wanted to run away. To escape the struggles of growing up in a controlling world. But how could a sixteen-year-old make it on her own?

Flee My Father’s House, book one in the Chloe Mae Chronicles, by Kay D. Rizzo, is set during the late 1890s in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. It tells the story of a young woman’s fight for independence and her dream to help the dying women and children in China.

This sweeping drama begins with an agonizing choice that will set Chloe Mae’s feet on a path of pain and discovery. Escaping from certain unhappiness, she runs headlong into a world of sadness, love, and heart-wrenching decisions.