Gaucholand Boy
Gaucholand Boy
By Barbara Westphal

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The first Seventh-day Adventist ordained minister to go to South America was Frank Westphal, who took up the missionary challenge and moved his wife and children to a faraway land. In this classic missionary story, you’ll learn about Elder Westphal’s walk across the plains in the middle of the night, not knowing just where he was. Filled with hope at a flickering light in the distance, he found a campfire surrounded by rough-looking gauchos. They couldn’t speak English. Elder Westphal couldn’t speak Spanish. What was the man with the long knife really saying? You’ll learn that there may be many reasons—many tiny, biting reasons—why an old sheepskin coat doesn’t make a good blanket. Through times of danger and times of joy, God cared for the Westphals, true Adventist trailblazers in South America.