Guide’s Greatest Spiritual Warfare Stories
Guide’s Greatest Spiritual Warfare Stories
By Lori Peckham

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What is spiritual warfare? Basically, God wants what’s best for you. Satan doesn’t. They’re both doing everything they can to get their way.


Every foot the car moved forward seemed to bring the river another inch higher. Already water swirled dangerously near the engine, and some leaked in through the doors. Would the car stall out here in the middle of the river?


They were not left long in doubt. All at once, the exhaust burbled out the back like a motorboat, the engine choked and spluttered, and silence settled down over the stream.


All that broke the stillness was the steady rush of water as it swept past the wheels and over the nearby falls. And even now the car was moving, bit by bit, down toward the waterfall . . .


This and 21 more eye-opening stories give you a behind-the-scenes look at how far Jesus is willing to go to defend you. Stories include:



    • “The Monkey God Failed,”


    • “Shot in the Dark,”


    • “Beware of the Lobos!”


    • “Satan on the Loose,”


    • “Battle With the Devil,”


    • and more.



Guide’s Greatest Spiritual Warfare Stories will help you remember that God always has your back!


Ages: 10-14