How to Hug a Heart
How to Hug a Heart
By Tamyra Horst

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In How to Hug a Heart, Tamyra Horst offers simple ways to reach out and touch another person’s life. Deep inside, each of us longs to know that someone cares, that someone thinks we’re special. We want friends who go past the surface—friends who really listen. We want to be encouraged, to feel accepted. 

Being a daughter of God means being “God with skin on” when someone needs a smile, a listening ear, or a hug. Little acts of kindness and encouragement; the sharing of warm, caring feelings—each of these can be like hugging a person’s heart.

When your heart is overflowing with God’s love, you can be His instrument to change the lives of those around you. This book will show you how to become God’s partner in reaching others.