Managing for the Master (1Q 2023 Bible Bookshelf)
Managing for the Master (1Q 2023 Bible Bookshelf)
By G. Edward Reid

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After a long time, the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them.—Matthew 25:19, NIV

Two-thirds of Jesus’ parables address our relationship with money, material possessions, and our attitude toward them. In the Bible, there are well over two thousand references that deal with this topic, twice as many as the references to faith and prayer combined. Obviously, God wants us to have a proper relationship with money and to manage it in a way that advances His Kingdom.

As God’s children, we have been placed in charge of Christ’s resources here on earth—both our talents and our material resources. Managing for the Master presents in practical detail the biblical principles of money and life management. Following God’s plan will bring you many blessings and enhance your service to Him.