More and Still More
More and Still More
By Joe Engelkemier

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“Jesus didn’t stop at Calvary,” says Joe. “God wants to give us, individually and collectively, every spiritual blessing the Bible offers.”

And the purpose of this book is to show you how to make these blessings—blessings of brokenness, trust, Spirit-infilling, oneness with the Father, compassion, and more—a reality in your life. Right now.

In these pages you will discover secrets that will

  • inspire and nurture new Christians and those who crave more and still more from their relationship with God;
  • ignite an ever-increasing passion for prayer, Bible study, and witnessing;
  • motivate you to seek more and still more of the character qualities found in our precious Savior.

More and Still More is a book that will show you how to lay hold of the riches God has prepared for those who want MORE.