On the Case
On the Case
By Steve Case

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Pastor Steve has put his condensed wisdom into this book, along with some killer ideas, such as surfer theology, forgiveness abuse, and hypocrite hospitals. Sometimes he doesn't give answers, but tells you how to figure it out. So what's your question? It's probably here already. How can I know God personally? What if I have an up-and-down relationship with God? How should I keep the Sabbath? Did Jesus have girl problems? What on earth will we do in heaven? What about women ministers?What's wrong with dancing . . . the theater . . . Christian rock . . . jewelry . . . drinking . . . incense? Holy amnesia! Does Jesus really forget our sins when He forgives us? How can I know I'm going to heaven and not hell? If you are banging up against the hard parts of life, or in need of a spiritual checkup, or if you're just curious, this book is for you.