Pepper Bear
Pepper Bear
By VeraLee Wiggins

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Imagine that you’re Sara, a shrimpy sixteen-year-old girl. Suddenly, you’re face to face with a group of tough teenage boys cruelly abusing a tiny six-pound bear.

Outraged, you confront them. And, unexpectedly, you find yourself the excited new owner of Pepper Bear, a furry ball of trouble reputed to “scratch like a dozen wildcats.”

Pepper Bear helps paint the house, tows two bikes and their riders into a hornet’s nest, and adopts a neighbor’s prize chicken as its own pet.

Yet, as sure as Pepper Bear can sniff out trouble, children who read this delightful adventure story will learn the true meaning of the words love, patience, and acceptance.

“The heartwarming story of a little orphaned bear that will make you laugh and cry.”