Politics and Prophecy
Politics and Prophecy
By Allan Reinach

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Atheistic governments have disavowed God, and fundamentalist national leaders claim to speak for God and require strict religious observance from all their citizens. Both are extremes. Is there a better way?

OUR FOUNDING FATHERS THOUGHT SO. They promoted the separation of church and state. They didn't invent it, but they saw beauty and practicality in it. Yet lately, it seems more and more difficult to maintain in the United States of America and other countries. The boundaries are often blurred and manipulated by earthly powers.

Adventists believe that religious liberty is very important to individual and national rights. To defend our religious rights as citizens, we must also stand for the rights of all others. As Christians we are called not so much to preach love as to live it.

This book contains a wide variety of essays that respond to many of the most pertinent church and state issues of our day. Nine highly qualified authors share their insights.