Super Star Problems Book 6 Ready to Ride Series
Super Star Problems Book 6 Ready to Ride Series
By Heather Grovet

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They’d trained so hard, but there would be no race for Star and Kendra. 

Kendra and her pony, Star, had the fastest time of the Ready to Ride Club on the pole bending pattern. Kendra was hoping her white pony would win a prize—but that was before the fireworks.

Kendra was bitter that her new neighbors didn’t think about spooking the ponies before they set off their explosive fireworks. Star had lunged forward, smashing against the corral, and cutting a deep wound in his shoulder, and now they couldn’t compete in the gymkhana. But worse than that, her best friends, Ruth-Ann and Megan, didn’t seem to understand her disappointment, and some angry words were exchanged.

Author Heather Grovet says, “It’s difficult to forgive people when they hurt your feelings. This book discusses what Christians should do when they have problems.”