The Bible In The Critics Den
The Bible In The Critics Den
By Earle Albert Rowell

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A great crisis confronts the religious world. For many centuries, the Bible has been considered, by the Christian church, the standard or test by which all creeds should be measured, all moral conduct judged. Now the moral rule of conduct, atonement, miracle, and resurrection are under the dissecting knives of learned doctors of theology and professed friends of the Christian church. 

Author Earle Albert Rowell, was once an unbeliever. He did not know the Bible or its Author. When he came to see the divinity in the Word of God, he gave himself to the faith and fought against the false theories that would undermine the confidence, guide, and hope of humanity—the Bible. 

Through this book, he seeks to confirm the faith of the believing and help those who have slipped from the foundation of God’s truth to turn from the darkness of doubt.