The Cure for the Last Daze
The Cure for the Last Daze
By Karl Haffner

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If you’re interested in knowing the Maccabean thesis of Daniel or every interpretation of the seals in Revelation 6, then you might want to look elsewhere. The Cure for the Last Daze, by pastor and author Karl Haffner, is written for seekers (not scholars!) who desire a working understanding of the events leading up to the apocalypse in order to survive the storm. It’s for common folk who get lost with the Greek and the charts and the eschatological theories but who still want to know what the Bible teaches about what in the world’s going on. It’s for the apocalyptically challenged who are serious about being ready when Jesus comes. 

If that is you, then open this book and let the easy-to-understand commentary and personal applications clear away the prophetic fog and give you a clear view of your soon-coming Lord.