The Eagle of Benjamin
The Eagle of Benjamin
By Arthur W. Spalding

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From the pen of one of Adventism’s best-loved storytellers comes the dramatic biblical saga of Jonathan: fearless warrior, prince of Israel, friend of David, faithful follower of God. Originally published in 1908, The Eagle of Benjamin is a daring approach to sharing the message of a Bible story in word-pictures that captivate the reader.
In Arthur W. Spalding’s own words, “It is because the Bible is regarded by many . . . only as a storehouse of piety, that it is so widely neglected and shunned. . . . Everyone who will come to the books of the Bible as to a storehouse of literary entertainment, and who will read, not as a task, but leisurely, with a mind that lives in what it receives, will be sure to find the Bible a delightful friend and instructor.”