The Heart and Soul of Landon Harris
The Heart and Soul of Landon Harris
By Helen Godfrey Pyke

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Landon Harris is just about to divorce his second wife and lose Ryan—a stepson that he and his own son Robbie love and can’t imagine living without. So when the unexpected opportunity arises to adopt the boy, Landon jumps at the chance. 

Everything is working out fine until Landon attends a Seventh-day Adventist church and is faced with the hardest choice of his life. If he follows his convictions to be baptized, he might jeopardize Ryan’s adoption—his ex-wife’s dad will certainly object to his grandson being raised an Adventist. And Joetta might cut his visitation time with Robbie. Will putting God first ruin all hope of them being together? Or can he trust God with the people he loves most?