The Lamb Scroll
The Lamb Scroll
By David Edgren

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The second book in the Adventures in the Bible trilogy.

“Dear Jesus,” Paul prayed, “we are excited about getting into Your Book again. Please lead us as we follow the Lamb!”

As another story unfolds before Paul, James, and Hannah, she whispers, “Who are they?”

“That must be Abraham and Isaac,” James said. The three children watched the father and son build the altar.

Once the stones were in place, they placed sticks on the altar, as Isaac said, “Father, we have the stones, we have the sticks, and we even have the fire. But we have no sacrifice!”

A look of pain crossed the face of the old man. He reached out and placed a hand on his son’s cheek. “God will provide a lamb,” he said in little more than a whisper. Isaac’s shoulders slumped. He turned and looked at the altar with a sense of dread.

“What’s wrong?” Hannah asked.

“He is the sacrifice,” James said in an almost trancelike voice. “Isaac is the sacrifice."

In The lamb Scroll, Paul, James, and Hannah discover the Lamb through the stories in the Bible. Challenged to dig deeply into the Word, they learn to forgive, find the answers to some difficult questions, and realize that even children are called to be disciples.