The Sabbath and the Sabbath Day
The Sabbath and the Sabbath Day
By Arthur W. Spalding

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“As I go about here and there, I meet all sorts of people and all sorts of Sabbathkeepers. Some of them are beautiful Sabbathkeepers. The Sabbath is a delight to them. They are never weary with its hours, and they never wish them to be gone. They are not idle upon the Sabbath day, though they may be in repose. The Sabbath is to them neither a burden nor an escape from life; it is an opportunity for communion with God and humanity. They have plans for study, for recreation, for converse and instruction and learning; and so they are never puzzled to know how to occupy themselves.” 

What is the Sabbath to you? Is it an obligation or a job? Is it a nuisance? In The Sabbath and the Sabbath Day, Arthur W. Spalding wishes to convey to Seventh-day Adventists, especially Seventh-day Adventist young people what the Sabbath really is and what the Sabbath day is really for.