These Fords Still Run
These Fords Still Run
By Barbara Westphal

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“The men determined to go back to town, it was too late. . . . The Indians came streaming down the pass. . . . Steering was a hazardous undertaking, especially with rocks raining down from above. They escaped none too soon, for a rock had pierced the top of the car and landed between the two men on the front seat. . . .They could only pray for the women back at the lonely mission station. . .”

To know Orley and Lillian Ford is to understand how Seventh-day Adventists have carried the gospel to nearly every country. Lifelong dedication, heroic faith, almost reckless courage, plus an ever-present sense of humor – these traits have distinguished this pioneer missionary couple.

To relive the Fords’ missionary thrills in five countries is at once a great adventure and a challenge to be more zealous for the Master.