Three Angels, One Gospel
Three Angels, One Gospel
By Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ, written by the apostle John, has fascinated readers for nearly two thousand years. Beasts and horses, seals and trumpets, thunder and hail—all part of the apocalypse! No wonder people are intrigued yet baffled by these scenes. And at the very heart of the book, three angels are seen flying through the heavens and shouting. What are they shouting about? The messages of these angels communicate the central theme of the whole book— the revelation of Jesus within the framework of the everlasting gospel.


With remarkable clarity, Ángel Rodríquez masterfully unveils the message of a loving Savior that permeates the warnings of judgment, the fall of Babylon the Great, and the extermination of the enigmatic beast. Christ, the slain Lamb, is the focal point. If you think you know what the three angels’ messages are all about, think again. You are sure to enjoy the instructive and uplifting tone in this fascinating Bible study.