To Wander No More
To Wander No More
By B. Russell Holt

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The journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land has many parallels to our journey today from a world of sin to our heavenly home. The Exodus is a story of a people like us; it’s our story. Like the Israelites, we have often wandered off course. Our journey to the Promised Land has taken longer than God intended.

What can we learn from their experience? How can we avoid their mistakes and copy their successes?

To Wander No More looks at some important lessons the Exodus story can teach us—the spiritual descendants of those Israelites from long ago. For all their aimless wandering in the wilderness, their journey finally ended in a land flowing with milk and honey. God never stopped loving His wandering people. And He never stops loving us. In the end, He will bring us to live with Him forever in a land where we will wander no more.