Unmistakably Christian
Unmistakably Christian
By Thomas Shepherd, PhD, DrPH

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A New Religion

Following Jesus is countercultural in our modern society; but it was even more so in the first century when Christianity was in its infancy. The new religion was a radical departure from cultural norms, the expectations of family, and the dictates of government. Converts to the faith faced attacks from friends, neighbors, and family. Even worse, there were those within the circle of believers who were deceivers—wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It was time for immediate action. And Peter, the longtime disciple of Jesus, passionately penned two letters to the early church that are filled with surprises: Is there really power in submission? Yes! Power in humility? Yes! Surprising indeed! When your own family turns against you, strength can be found in God’s family. When society assails you, there is hope in God’s promises. These are just a few of the surprises you’ll explore as Thomas Shepherd unpacks the dynamic and encouraging lessons of First and Second Peter.

Following Jesus is still countercultural. However, these surprising lessons from Peter will encourage you as you follow Jesus, and your community will know you are unmistakably Christian.