Vision in the Storm
Vision in the Storm
By Rachel Whitaker Cabose

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Rain poured down Heman Gurney’s face as he struggled to control the rudder of his small sailboat. Wind-whipped waves crashed over the stern, threatening to capsize the fragile craft.

A jagged bolt of lightning split the black sky, revealing for an instant the terrified faces of the three young women in the boat with him.

“Sister Sarah, Sister Ashley, find something to bail out the water!” Heman shouted above the roar of thunder. “Sister Ellen, you pray! Pray as you’ve never prayed before! If God doesn’t help us, we’ll never make it out of this storm alive.”

Ellen knelt in the bottom of the sailboat and began praying at the top of her voice. “God, please deliver us! Save us by Your power.”

The Adventist Church’s history is full of adventures such as the one Ellen had with Heman, Ashley, and Sarah.

Did you know that teenagers played a significant role in the early days of the Seventh-day Adventist church? Ellen and James White, Annie and Uriah Smith, John Harvey Kellogg, and J. N. Andrews were not always as old as they appear in the black-and-white pictures we have of them. God used them while they were young. Their amazing faith enabled them to follow what God wanted them to do.

Great surprises await you as you read the pages of this exciting book!