In the Name of Jesus: Power to Pray for People and Places
In the Name of Jesus: Power to Pray for People and Places
By Ron E. M. Clouzet

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What if, instead of praying for an effective strategy to reach the lost, we realize prayer is the strategy?

In most industrialized nations, the spread of the gospel is painfully slow. “The workers are few” (Luke 10:2, NIV) due in large part to the prevailing culture of protecting privacy and personal space. Though some are willing to knock on doors or to preach in public, most would never consider participating in such assertive outreach.

Yet introverted and privacy-conscious Christians need not be left out of evangelism! We usually think of prayer in a supporting role to ministry; but when it comes to large cities or other challenging fields, small or large, a prayer plan that works is the first and most important step.

If you know how to walk and talk to God at the same time, you can have an effective soul-winning ministry. Prayer walking is something everyone can do: youth with their friends after school, young mothers with their children in strollers, retired people who walk for their health, or those who walk during work breaks.
In Dr. Ron Clouzet’s In the Name of Jesus, you will read inspiring stories about successful prayer walkers and learn the

  • historical precedent for prayer walking,
  • Bible promises related to answered prayer,
  • legal issues God faces related to answering prayers on behalf of others, and
  • strategies for developing your own prayer-walking program.

There’s no better time than today to make a real, positive difference in your community through prayer walking. It’s great exercise too! Those who can’t walk can roll (in a car, bike, or wheelchair) or do a virtual prayer walk with a map or an app like Google Earth.