Redeemed: A Rescue from the Powers of Darkness
Redeemed: A Rescue from the Powers of Darkness
By Bradley Booth

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p>Jessie survived a painful childhood filled with abuse, abandonment, and loneliness. These wounds drove him deep into a dark world of drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and the occult.


He couldn’t call on God to save him from the demons if there was a God. Jessie had turned his back on that option long ago. Traded all that religious rhetoric about God for something more tangible. Something he could feel. Something he could connect with and talk to.


Yet through it all, the Holy Spirit never left his side, nudging him gently, again and again, offering a better path to a brighter future.


Would Jessie hear the still, small voice of the Savior? Would he release his grip on the desires that held him captive and reach out instead for the merciful arms of Jesus?