The Joy of Optimism: Living in the Pleasant Tense
The Joy of Optimism: Living in the Pleasant Tense
By Kay Kuzma

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Do you want to make this season of your life a grand adventure, bubbling over with joy and pizzazz?

The benefits of positive thinking are well-documented. Undeterred by the inevitable challenges that life brings, author Kay Kuzma is determined to embark on a quest for optimism and joy—regardless of age, pain, discouragement, criticism, or the turbulence of current events—and she invites readers to join her on this transformative journey of discovery and personal growth. Uncover the power of choice and learn to live in the "pleasant tense"—a state of being that embraces peace, hope, and a steadfast belief that Jesus promised a joy-filled life.

On this quest, you’ll

    • Learn tools to adjust your attitude,
    • Practice rejoicing in the Lord,
    • Discover your power to lift others,
    • Relax into God’s promises,
    • Develop a good exit strategy and much more!

With every turn of the page, readers will find inspiration, challenge, and a path toward a more joyful and meaningful existence. Through captivating stories, practical insights, and a deep understanding of the human spirit, Kuzma offers a roadmap for transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

“We can either look through the old lenses we’ve been given and find life dreary, boring, and commonplace—tinted by the influential negative people in our lives—or we can choose to look at life through peach-colored glasses and see countless possibilities that we had never dreamed of before.”