A Woman of Worth
A Woman of Worth
By Tamyra Horst

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Are you struggling with insecurities? Do you feel you are never good enough? Do you find yourself trying harder to please others?

These are battles many women face daily.

From the author of How to Hug a Heart: "In this book I've shared my own struggles. Struggles you will be able to relate to. But I also share how God has helped me to see past my own insecurities and find confidence and value in Him...helping me live my life more joyously--with freedom to be myself."

A Woman of Worth has honest, real stories with God's love woven into each one. He wants you to remember who you are--and what you are worth to Him. This book is especially written for women and would be a great book for personal or group studies. After each chapter are questions for reflection and a prayer.