Prince Prances Again
Prince Prances Again
By Heather Grovet

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Book #9 in the "Julius and Friends" series

The stubborn pony is back!

Janelle finally had a pony of her own, and a new friend named Katie. But Katie is bossy and wants to ride Prince all the time. Janelle prays for Jesus to help her be patient with Katie. But things go from bad to worse when Katie runs off with Prince and the pony gets hurt. Will Janelle ever be able to forgive her new friend for hurting Prince?

Prince Prances Again, by Heather Grovet, is another fun- and prayer-filled story about the persnickety pony that didn’t like grown-ups. Friendship, horse care, and forgiveness are the important lessons your children will learn as they enjoy another adventure with the stubborn but lovable pony named Prince.